The Crypt Gothic
Motivated by Dark Souls I made my own author's interpretation piece of environment. This Crypt is full manual 3d sculpt work. No special brush and other kit.
«Ten brave men from the village tried to break and destroy the crypt, as well as the previous four damned buildings. But what escaped through the roof caused the old crypt to this day»
video concept level:

Gothic crypt for AAA game project with decimation models this containing a models of Gothic style. These are completely author objects. great for projects in the style of Darksouls. The total number of objects 21.The product can be used in commercial projects. Product information: .OBJ file (10-20% Decimation)

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Yuriy romanyk artstation 02
Yuriy romanyk artstation 03
Yuriy romanyk artstation 4
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Yuriy romanyk artstation 01
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The Gothic Crypt